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Is there a particular resource you need to help develop your business or invention? Please post your needs in the comments below and we'll do our best to help match you with the right resource. This area is specifically for finding product and service providers to help you grow your business. This is not a place to post general questions or requests for advice.

Also, anyone is free to join the discussion and offer help in reply to a member's query -- just use the "Reply" button. You can also subscribe to this discussion area with the checkbox below the "Submit Comment" button. After looking through the Resources Directory and reading The Mom Inventors Handbook (which will answer many of your questions), if you can't find what you're looking for, post your need here.


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  1. HI, i am looking for someone to help with plastic injection molding in the Maryland area

  2. hi! i am getting ready to launch my business. i have a patent pending status on my product. i have not trademarked or registered my logo. do you advise against that? thank you!!

  3. Hi Fellow Inventors. I have a quote for 3,000.00 minimum for insurance annually for my company, Kuviez. Is this reasonable? Any recommendations for insurance carriers? Hope so. Stefanie Huber

  4. plastic prototype

  5. Hi, I need names of companies to buy plastic to bend to make a prototype.

  6. Hi, I need names of companies to buy a sheet of plastic to bend to make a prototype.

  7. I read the book Inventor's Handbook and in chapter 10 it references a sample sell sheet in Appendix B but I don't see one there. I also used the index to locate page #'s referencing the sell sheet and nothing there either. Is that possibly on your website some place? Thanks in advance. Great book, by the way! Keep up the great work. I've learned a great deal.

  8. Tamera,

    I've been using your books to help me take action in getting my product out in stores. I am at the stage where I have developed a prototype, a self help kit to assist parents with potty training their children. I have done the research and believe there is not a product like it out there and therefore would like to have it patented. The kit consists of a self help book with a specific design which is what I would like to have patented. I'm unsure if I will need a copyright or a patent, or maybe both...I've worked hard and I want to protect the blood sweat and tears that went into the creative process of my designs.
    I live in the Atlanta Georgia area can you recommend any patent attorneys?
    Do I bring the idea to a manufacturer first before getting it patented?
    Where can I find angel investors?


  9. Hi Tamara. I want to submit our product, Kuviez Button Up! Bedding, to HSN, but they require company insurance. Any ideas on an affordable insurance broker? We have had our product tested and it meets all of the current safety regulations. Thanks for your support! Stefanie Huber
    p.s. It was great meeting you at Count Me In!

    • Hi Stefanie,

      There are two primary ways an insurance broker makes money: 1) They charge you a fee or 2) Work on a commission basis. Usually, the broker's standard commission is 15-20% of your policy premium and this cost is built into the price of your insurance product.

      For example, lets say the cost of your actual insurance is $100, if your insurance agent makes a commission of 20%, s/he is making $20 on the sale to you and your total cost to procure insurance will be $120. As a consumer, you have the right to know how much your broker is making on the sale, so ask them.

      In my opinion, the most important aspect of choosing an agent is finding someone you trust. HSN is probably requiring you to purchase general liability insurance. Most insurance companies provide this type of offering and you can find appointed agents through the insurer websites. In terms of insurers, there is an array of them: General Casualty, Safeco, Travelers, CNA, Hartford, Liberty, State Farm, Etc... I hope this helps!

  10. I have a great idea and want to sell my idea to Mom's Invented. When will the next product search be? Thanks.

  11. Hello,
    I was just wondering if anyone could give me a reference for a patent/ IP lawyer in the Long Island, NY Area? Thanks so much in advance for any feedback!

    • Hi Jennifer,
      I highly recommend John Merchant of He is from the San Francisco Bay Area. It is not necessary for an IP lawyer to be local. They can work on patents no matter where they are in the U.S. He will also give you a 30-minute complimentary consultation if you mention that you are a member of the Mom Invented community. :)
      Warmest wishes,

      • Thank you so much, Tamara. I really appreciate your feedback!. I will definitely contact John.
        Thanks again,

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  • Ivy sandbank: HI, i am looking for someone to help with plastic injection molding in the Maryland area
  • sarah: hi! i am getting ready to launch my business. i have a patent pending status on my product. i have not trademarked or registered my logo. do you advise against that? thank you!!
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