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Expert Mentorship from Tamara Monosoff

Tamara MonosoffI launched Mom Inventors, Inc. in 2003. My 2-part mission is:

1) To inspire, inform, and boldly promote courageous women in business
2) To celebrate the creativity of women by distributing innovative Mom Invented® products around the world.

In 2005, I wrote my first book, The Mom Inventors Handbook, because I had just conceived of, developed and launched my first invention, The TP Saver®.  The process took me much longer, cost me more money, and was less successful than it could have been had I had concrete steps with real information and resources to use immediately.

Since then, I have written three more books, including The One Page Business Plan for Women in Business, launching this month, which I have co-authored with my friend and mentor, Jim Horan, and Your Million Dollar Dream, which launches this April. These books are designed to help any person who aspires to launch a business -- of any kind and of any size —by helping identify the right business, lay the foundation for launching it and give concrete steps for building, branding, and marketing the business using today’s most relevant marketing and online methods.

Over the course of the last seven years, in conjunction with developing my website, and writing books, several hundred columns for and my weekly blogs, I have built a national brand and consumer products business based on my internationally trademarked Mom Invented® brand. All of this started with one simple idea. While never “easy,” it has been highly rewarding in spite of my own share of sleepless nights. I have experienced successes and setbacks, each of which I have rather labeled as “learning experiences.”

Given the limitations of my time, which includes being a mom to two active kids, I have never been able to offer personal direct support to women beyond the offerings of my books, columns, blog posts, and website. Having just achieved some major benchmarks with my business and completing both of my next two books with all the information I have compiled, and the many “learning experiences” along the way, the time is right to work directly with a handful of serious women to help mentor and support those ready to intensely embrace the possibilities, opportunities and challenges before them.

To that end, I will be providing meaningful and direct support to a limited number of women over the course of the next few months through a small number of programs we have created and outlined.

I am truly excited and eager to work directly with the women who register for this program. If you register for these programs and are committed and willing to put forth the effort necessary to take your business to the next level, I will:

  • Be 100% committed to your success
  • Ask tough questions
  • Help identify and clarify your strategies
  • Work with you on your branding
  • Develop one or more compelling PR hooks
  • Involve key members of my team
  • Celebrate your successes with you

Most will not be ready to commit the time, effort or money necessitated by this program. For these people I have incorporated as much of this information as possible in my books, columns, blogs and in past and future speeches and seminars.

However, for those who wish to accept the challenge of tackling the business-building process with me and my team as your mentor over the next several weeks, please review the programs to see which one best fits your situation and needs.

Note: These are our initial program offerings. If you have needs not addressed in these programs, please share with me your specific needs for consideration for future offerings.

What you should expect from any of these programs:

  • It will require your commitment
  • It will not be easy but it will be rewarding
  • Failure is an option but success is a choice
  • I will be personally committed to your choosing success
  • My team and I will embrace our work with you

I hope you will join me!

Get a product evaluation for your new invention

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