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The Mom Inventors Handbook Expanded Second Edition

How to Turn Your Great Idea into the Next Big Thing (Expanded Second Edition) April 2014The Mom Inventors Handbook (2nd Edition) Final Book Cover 2014

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The definitive guide for aspiring product entrepreneurs – packed with important new resources

Written specifically for people seeking to turn their ideas into marketable products, this new edition of The Mom Inventors Handbook takes you step by step through the process, covering the latest, most innovative ways to create, fund, manufacture, and successfully sell products on a wide scale.

A great deal has changed since the original publication in 2005. This edition covers everything novice entrepreneurs need to succeed in today’s business landscape. New materials include:

- Detailed steps on prototyping, manufacturing, and safety
- Updated information on patents and trademarks
- New chapter covering crowdfunding, microloans, peer-to-peer loans, SBA loans, and angel investors
- New chapter on creative, alternative sales channels, including Groupon, Living Social, QVC Sprouts, Zulily
- In-depth coverage of video marketing and DIY Public Relations
- Simple steps for licensing

"I am asked every day for advice about how to get products onto the shelves of our clubs. The answer to this question is in your hands." -- from the foreword by Julie Martin-Allen, Senior Director of Showcase Events, Sam's Club

"We could not have done this without The Mom Inventors Handbook . . . our 'business bible.'" -- Lisa Hoskins-Holmes and Karen Wildman, creators of The Bheestie Bag

"I'm not a mom--or a woman--but I used The Mom Inventors Handbook to bring my [product] to market, and it won Best New Product awards at our first two national tradeshows!" -- Tony Deitch, creator of Sasquatch! Pet Beds

"I used The Mom Inventors Handbook at the beginning of my journey. My product was selected as one of the winning products on the TV Show Shark Tank and is now distributed internationally." -- Tiffany Krumins, creator of Ava the Elephant

"When I had the idea for Carry-Her Doll Carriers and found The Mom Inventors Handbook, I couldn't put it down! I’m on track to sell 85,000 units this year with my new placements in Toys "R" Us, FAO Schwartz, and Walmart!" -- Roberta Wagner, creator of Carry-Her Doll Carriers

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  1. I have an life saving idea for parents of teenagers but need help designing the prototype...
    How do you know who to trust with your ideas before spending money on a patent or provisional patent?
    Any advice is appreciated!
    Jessica Starr

  2. I am having a very difficult time finding a reputable firm to help me further develop my invention.
    Can anyone recommend anyone to me?

  3. Hello,

    I have and idea.... it's environmentally helpful and I know what and where I want to go with it. I would like to know how much is your book, "Mom Inventor's Handbook......

  4. Hi,
    I have an idea... and its only and idea, but I HAVE NO IDEA WHERE OR HOW TO START MAKING IT INTO REALITY .... I NEED HELP HERE... THANKS MUCH.

  5. Great website at!

    I read an article by Tamara Momosoff on the importance of outsourcing (Warehousing and Fulfillment Solutions). The article was a click away from the LinkedIn website, and I found the article very interesting because my company (United Warehouse) is currently doing everything Tamara suggests for a local “mom” entrepreneur here in Tulsa, OK. Our warehouse and fulfillment center receives three colors of a baby support product for a local company called Hugga-Bebe ( and we handle shipments to all of her customers. We have assisted our local “mom” with EDI setup, inventory management, labeling, UPC questions, and given her overall help to get from home selling to mass merchandising her product.

    Please feel free to pass our name on to anyone interested in outsourcing, order fulfillment, packaging, warehousing or transportation. The United Warehouse Company has been in business since 1915, and we’d certainly like to help more of your “moms” get their inventions to market. Let me know if there is any way we can align ourselves further with your program.
    Best regards,

    Scott Surber
    Contract Packaging Manager
    United Warehouse Company
    11324 East Apache
    Tulsa, OK 74116

  6. My wife and i have a patent on an idea/now invention. Its child related, and we have a brochure made up in which we have called it ( Sit Me Safe Chair Cover ) . Its made to slide over stackable chairs with arms. These chairs are used in a wide variety of places such as reception seating, doctor's offices, waiting rooms, and places of worship. Some of our product highlights are:Easy fold away design for diaper bag and people on the go, quilted cover is comfordaable and easy to clean, buckles child safely in place with a simple use restraint belt, front enclosure and side pockets act as a personal playpen which store toys and keeps them off the floor.
    We are trying to decide which direction to take. Should we work through a manufacuter, or sell it ourselves through website advirtising or other methods like mom ?

    Thanks, Steve Hanberg


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