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 Thank you to our Sponsor

Thank you to our Sponsor

January 19, 2011

I wanted to take a moment to thank our sponsor for their support of Enhance offers affordable solutions for inventors to develop their inventions into professionally designed products. For free and confidential quotes, visit their website or call now to learn more! They can be reached at: 877.99.ENHANCE (877.993.6426).

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 Are You a Woman of Distinction?

Are You a Woman of Distinction?(4)

If you’d like to be highlighted alongside the country’s most influential and accomplished women in more than 200 professions, you should get your free listing with the National Association of Professional Women, the largest network of professional women in the U.S. The National Association of Professional Women is an exclusive network for professional women where […]

 Jump-Start Your Sales With Help From Our Sponsors

Jump-Start Your Sales With Help From Our Sponsors(0)

Just launched your business but now need sales? Here are two practical tips: 1. Attend a BebePaluzza consumer product tradeshow in a city near you. This is an affordable way to display your product to thousands of consumers and earn money at the same time. An added benefit is that you can ask for customer […]

 Get a Great Rate on an 800 Number for Your Business

Get a Great Rate on an 800 Number for Your Business(0)

Do you want to present a professional image to your customers and buyers? Do you pride yourself on customer service? If so, it’s essential to have an 800 number to make it easy for customers to call. The problem is that if you buy it from your phone company, it may cost as much as […]

 Sponsors We Love: UniTel

Sponsors We Love: UniTel(0)

We want to thank the newest sponsor of our online community, the UniTel Group. One way to enhance the public perception of your small home-based business is to have an 800 number. However, a toll-free number can be very expensive if you set it up with many providers. Before we switched to UniTel, we paid […]

 Writing, Translation and IP Services From Our Sponsors

Writing, Translation and IP Services From Our Sponsors(1)

I want to express my appreciation for our new sponsors and share their wonderful services with you. I have personally worked with each one of them and will continue to do so! Need a writer? Message from Jennifer Rung… Eight years ago, I quit a fast-paced, travel-heavy advertising job to start freelance writing full time. […]

 Support Our Sponsors Who Want to Help With Your Invention

Support Our Sponsors Who Want to Help With Your Invention(18)

We are privileged to have some great companies sponsoring our website. You have asked me for recommendations for product and prototype developers, patent attorneys, and assistance with licensing your products as well as manufacturing services. I’m delighted to share the following companies that address the needs of inventors; The Neon Group, Harshaw Research, Lambert & […]

 Need a Great Exhibit Booth?

Need a Great Exhibit Booth?(3)

Thank you for your interest in our exhibit booth. It has been SOLD. Our exhibit booth is for sale — buy our beautiful booth for less than the cost of renting! $1,000 plus freight from Chicago. We bought this booth in 2006 for about $5,000 and have used it 3 times. It’s sturdy and in […]

 Businesses and Products You Should Know About

Businesses and Products You Should Know About(Comments Off)

Girl talk is my specialty Do you struggle with writing web copy, press releases, ad copy and more? Do you want help crafting communications that reflect your brand’s unique personality? I am truly inspired by women entrepreneurs and would love to help make your dream a reality! I have more than 15 years’ experience as […]

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