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 Giving Back: Helping Haiti in its Time of Need

Giving Back: Helping Haiti in its Time of Need(0)

January 13, 2010

My heart goes out to the people of Haiti. The stories and images of the areas hit by Tuesday’s earthquake have been devastating, and I encourage you to join me and do what you can to help. There are many relief organizations take donations. Here are two credible options: You can send a $10 Donation […]

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 Baby Expo Founder Shares Business Surprises and Advice

Baby Expo Founder Shares Business Surprises and Advice(2)

Jenn Kampmeier started Bebe Paluzza, a maternity, baby and toddler expo, shortly after her son was born. She found that she couldn’t find the products she wanted in stores and decided to bring together great baby-related items as well as health, education and safety seminars. Though Jenn started with the intention of having just one […]

 Style and Comfort for Hospital Patients

Style and Comfort for Hospital Patients(0)

As many of you know, my mom was recently in the hospital. Thankfully, she is fine. One of the things that I noticed was that it seemed as though the hospital gowns themselves made people look sicker. That’s why when I saw the designer gowns and other patient attire from, I thought, “What a […]

 Mom Invented® Holiday Gift Guide

Mom Invented® Holiday Gift Guide(1)

Over the years, we’ve featured many amazing mom inventors and some of them have created great gift items for your children, family and friends. Here we’re highlighting some of our favorites so you can consciously support mom inventors and entrepreneurs this holiday season.

 An Unrecognized Mom Hero

An Unrecognized Mom Hero(2)

I don’t often review books on Mom Invented®, but this time I just had to acknowledge the brilliant work of historian and author Autumn Stanley.  In her new book, Raising More Hell and Fewer Dahlias: The Public Life of Charlotte Smith (1840-1917),  I was stunned to learn about an absolutely extraordinary woman — Charlotte Smith — […]

 Can a Mom Entrepreneur Really Build a ‘Balanced’ Life?

Can a Mom Entrepreneur Really Build a ‘Balanced’ Life?(1)

Has the issue of “balance” changed over the last decade? Or has our perception of balance changed? Why does it matter? Whether it is a myth or reality or something else, the discussion of balance has changed. For my doctoral dissertation, “Women in the Executive Office of the President” written a decade ago (1999), I […]

 Making Summer Reading Fun

Making Summer Reading Fun(4)

Summer is a great time for kids to let go and have fun. Their days are filled with activities and time to just hang out. However, it’s important to keep up their academic skills so the transition back to school is not so challenging. We’ve been doing a few things at my house and have […]

 The Parent Trip: Helping Navigate the Conundrums of Motherhood

The Parent Trip: Helping Navigate the Conundrums of Motherhood(1)

If you’re feeling confused about being pregnant or being a parent, it can be tough to find some honest advice. Enter my new friend Jenna McCarthy’s book, The Parent Trip: From High Heels and Parties to Highchairs and Potties, a hilarious look at being a mom that aims to fill the gaps left by traditional […]

 Frock Swap Party: Get a New Wardrobe Without Spending a Penny!

Frock Swap Party: Get a New Wardrobe Without Spending a Penny!(1)

In this economy, many of us have cut back on purchasing new clothes. However, sometimes a new outfit can lift your spirits, make you feel rejuvenated and give you confidence for that next big meeting. What’s a cash-strapped mom to do? Throw a Frock Swap Party. When my sister answered her cell phone last weekend, […]

 Let Go of the Guilt! Tamara Shares a Family Anecdote

Let Go of the Guilt! Tamara Shares a Family Anecdote(3)

Being an entrepreneur or a working mom takes time away from your kids. And yes — for most moms I know, there is the underlying guilt that accompanies it. But at the same time, it is important to look at the other side of the coin — how does being a happy, confident entrepreneur and […]

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