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  • Ivy sandbank: HI, i am looking for someone to help with plastic injection molding in the Maryland area
  • sarah: hi! i am getting ready to launch my business. i have a patent pending status on my product. i have not trademarked or registered my logo. do you advise against that? thank you!!
  • Dotti Templeton: I received the nicest note from a colonel in the AF stationed in Turkey who placed three orders for TwoSees. Tamara, your reach is far ;-) Here’s the email: Oh Dotti, One last note—I subscribe to the “Mom Inventors” e-mail messages,...
  • Dotti Templeton: Hi Mary, Yes, of course. I remember. Thank you for your congrats. How are you doing?
  • mary cattapan: Congrats to you. We were in power mentoring together!
  • candice: Do you have any manufacturers in this case that you recommend? And I am actually more interested in understanding first step in making a plush toy. Any advice or direction?. Thank you, candice.