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Grandmother Creates the Award-Winning Zatswho!

I'm delighted to introduce you to Trish Cooper, a grandmother who created the Award-Winning Zatswho® --  an innovative family-centered Creative Learning Photo Game for babies and toddlers.

These little treasured keepsakes come in a rainbow of colors packaged in a cute tote.  It's a fun and engaging activity that builds family bonds while teaching photo recognition of loved ones near and far.  Slip your photos into the  Zatswho® soft frames that engage your child’s senses. Interchange or seal photos into the frames. The photos stay protected and the cards wipe clean.  Zatswho® is travel friendly for learning wherever they go!

Mom Invented:  What inspired you to create your product?

Trish:  It was while I was teaching my 8-month-old grand daughter who's who in the family circle with my photos.  She wanted to hold the photos but was destroying them which is what inspired me to create a hands-on-sensory teaching game -- that protected family photos at the same time.

Mom Invented:  What's the biggest challenge you've experienced in this process? 

Trish:  I had zero experience in any area of the industry: manufacturing, retail, marketing or sales, so I wish I had a bit more patience to speak with retailers with my prototype in hand to get more feedback on packaging.  Plus, without experience nor having contacts, I worked with people and businesses that I would not use now. Through networking and the process, I now have some great contacts and mentors that I run things by and I'm able to get multiple quotes from people in the industry.

Mom Invented:  What has been your greatest success in this process?  

Trish:  The fact that I took action. And, the feedback I've received that Zatswho has helped children and families in multiple ways is enormously gratifying.

My one day of financial success came from an appearance on Fox & Friends but my most personal success story is sadly from the passing of my father. He was a huge part of our family life and my granddaughter was only 15-months-old when he suddenly passed. Upon our first family gathering, when my step-mom arrived at my daughter’s home, my granddaughter ran into her room and brought out her Great-Poppa Zatswho card, not just reducing us to tears, but also non-verbally letting us know she got the connection, asking where’s Great-Poppa? She is now 4-years-old and still talks about him and shows his Zatswho card keeping his memory alive. That’s priceless to me.

Mom Invented:  How can people find you?

Trish:  Please visit my website:
You can also follow us on Twitter:  @zatswho 
And, "Like" us on Facebook:

Trish, thank you for sharing your story with us!

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  1. Very delighting video this is! A perfect idea, to increase the children's confidence and concentration.

  2. Fantastic idea! Congratulations on your success! May I suggest making some with rounded edges?

  3. Congratulations on all of your success!

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