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What’s a Snickey? Something Warm. Something Snuggly. Something NEW!

My neck is always cold but I don't like bulky scarves which is why I was excited to learn about Christine Matthews' new product.  It's not a scarf and not a's a SNICKEY -- a simple, safe and fashionable way to protect the neck from the winter chills.

The SNICKEY™ offers children, parents, senior citizens and sports enthusiasts, a more comfortable alternative to the bulky scarf or over the head neck warmer.  It's incredibly soft and lightweight fleece with a Velcro fastener.  The SNICKEY is easy to put on and take off. Most importantly, the SNICKEY quickly disengages if caught on something thus avoiding a choking hazard for children and adults alike.

We took a few minutes to speak with Christine about what inspired her to create the SNICKEY.

Mom Invented:  What inspired you to create your product?

Christine:  The birth of the Snickey came about because as a mother, I was NOT willing to wrap a traditional scarf around the necks of my children due to the potential choking hazards. I was unable to find an acceptable solution on the market, so I created a new type of garment, part scarf, part dickey…but not really either. When friends and family started to ask me to make one for their children, I knew I was on to something and so The SNICKEY was born.  The SNICKEY can be purchased in fine retail stores or on my website.

Mom Invented: How did you find your manufacturer?

Christine:  I initially manufactured all of the SNICKEY’s out of my home. Once I knew I could no longer keep up with the demand I searched on-line for USA contract sewers. I narrowed it down to 3 that I thought would be suited to manufacture the SNICKEY. I then sent them the specifications and materials needed to have them make samples. I checked quality and consistency and selected the manufacturer with the best quality.

Mom Invented:  What challenges did you face manufacturing your product?

Christine:  The biggest challenge I face is keeping costs down when purchasing materials and manufacturing in the USA.  Although, this is a challenge, I am dedicated to have the SNICKEY manufactured in the USA.

Mom Invented:  Were there any surprises along the way?
Christine:  I have been pleasantly surprised at how willing people are to help with leads and support in helping me succeed.

Mom Invented:  How did you get your product into retail stores?

Christine:  My first few stores I put the SNICKEY in as consignment. Once the store owners saw that their customers loved the SNICKEY they were willing to place an order.
Once I had a few stores others were quick to follow.

Mom Invented:  What has been the biggest mistake or largest struggle that you've experienced in this process?

Christine: My biggest mistake was not understanding the value of social networks. I am in the process of learning and leveraging social networks now to further market the SNICKEY. And, the largest struggle I have is finding a balance between being a “stay at home mom”, wife and an entrepreneur.

Mom Invented:  What has been your greatest success in this process?

Christine:  Hiring Pitch PR to get the SNICKEY out to the media.

Mom Invented:  How can people find you?

Christine:  Please visit my website:

Thank you for sharing your story with us, Christine!

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