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Announcing the New Mom Invented Mom Product Review Panel!

Mom Invented® products are invented by Moms.

Now we are introducing you to our new Mom Invented Approved brand of products. Many of our customers ask us to come up with new solutions to common everyday problems. When this happens our product development team gets to work finding -- or creating -- something new that we think you will love. Therefore, we want to make sure that these items are carefully reviewed by Moms, like you, before it can display the Mom Invented “Approved” Brand.

That is why I am thrilled to introduce you to our new Mom Product Review Panel. Our Mom Ambassadors will review new products that we are considering bringing to market. Please scroll down to read about these awesome mothers!

Meet the Mom Product Review Panel


Jenna McCarthy (California)
Mom of two daughters.
Internationally published writer, TED speaker, former radio personality and the author of five books. Her work has appeared in more than fifty magazines, on dozens of web sites and in several anthologies including the popular Chicken Soup series.
Twitter: @jennawrites


Annette Giacomazzi (California)
Mom of two.
Founder of CastCoverZ! Provider of fun and functional orthopedic products that help you feel better, so you heal better.
Twitter: @CastCoverz


Elizabeth Lyons (Arizona)
Mom of 5 (including a set of twins).
Bestselling author of 3 books, jewelry artist, and inspirational humorist.
Twitter: @ElizabethLyons



Phyllis Reagin Hughes (Illinois)
Mother of 7-year-old boy and Stepmother to three adult step daughters and one teenage stepson.
Managing Partner with Castro Smith Reagin Hughes (CSRH) Consulting. Over 23 years of experience in the entertainment, political consulting, and healthcare industries. Executive Coach who focuses on helping senior executives achieve their business goals.
Twitter: @gobiggobetter


Bonnie Edelman (Connecticut)
Mother of two children. Wife.
Born and raised in New York City. Bonnie's career has spanned from Seventeen Magazine to Glamour and MTV, until she finally found her dream job as the travel editor at Sports Illustrated.  Now, her dream job has morphed into being a Fine Art Photographer. Her subjects include Uruguayan horses, in her SERMO per EQUUS series, in addition to her SCAPE Series (LAND, SEA and SKY).


Virginia Kofoed (Colorado)
Mother of four, grandmother of six.
Loves to read, play golf and bridge. She is an expert organizer and has a passion for home decorating and travel. She is also the inventor of the patented Dayzz, an innovative product that makes it possible to lay on lawn chairs face-down without tweaking your neck.



Ruby Vasquez (Texas)
Mother to son, Noah.
Inventor, entrepreneur and wife. She is currently developing two products which she hopes to bring into the market soon.
Twitter: @ModernSimple



Jennie Marshall (Illinois)
Stay at home mom of boy/girl twins and the author of Nucking Futs Mama.
Twitter:  @nuckingfutsmama




Blythe Weston (Texas)
Mother of three daughters.
Founder of Bee True™ Products. After years of beekeeping she found the true benefits of bees. Her love of health and beauty inspired by the bees led her to create Bee True™ Products.
Twitter: @beetrueproducts


Staci Ericson (California)
Mother of two.
Founder of Golly Gee-pers, a company that makes products that inspire and motivate children to become world citizens. Her debut product, Table Manners Cards, won two Dr. Toy awards and is encouraging kids (and husbands) everywhere to be “Ready to Dine Out.”
Twitter: @gollygee_pers


Rosie Jager Anderson (Washington)
Stepmom of three
An inventor and Co-Owner/Business Manager at Anderson Podiatry. Certified in life coaching, hypnotherapy, reiki, NLP and real estate as well as 15 years experience in radio sales/promotions.


Mary Cattapan (Illinois)
Mother of three boys.
Inventor and entrepreneur behind Clix™ Magnetic Interchangeable Pendants and Bracelets. She is a marketing and teaching professional with over 20 years of experience in new product development, product management, direct marketing and teaching.
Twitter: @Studio66Crafts



Leslie Reeves (Oklahoma)
Mother of two grown boys and two grown stepchildren.
Graduated from Texas A&M with a B.S. in Psychology and has worked for almost 30 years in the Human Resources field, mainly with large healthcare systems. Leslie and her husband live just outside of Tulsa, OK and have been blessed so far with five grand kids.



Erika Ruggiero (Connecticut)
Mom of 2 children - Olivia, 8 and Carter, 3.
Owner of Design on the Side, is a graphic designer specializing in individual and business logo creation & branding, social media graphics, stationery, invitation packages, and anything else that needs a creative touch.



Stefanie Mullen
Co-author of Chicken Soup for the Girlfriend’s Soul and owner and founder of, a site devoted to the parenting of tweens and teens. She is the co-host of Your Family Matters on Stefanie has been featured in the New York Times and has appeared on NBC San Diego News, Fox 5 News, KUSI and NPR.




At this time, the Mom Product Review Panel is intended to review new products that we license, produce or distribute under our trademarked Mom Invented® and Mom Invented Approved brands.  If you are looking to "license" your product to us, we will be announcing new product search opportunities, via the newsletter, in the near future.  The Mom Product Review Panel will only be reviewing items that we are considering via our product searches.

If you are looking for a way to have your product reviewed independently...stay tuned!

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  1. Just read over the great products/services that are posted here. I have a unique product line that I would love to have reviewed and considered for this blog. Please see our webstore and let me know if we would qualify. Thanks so much for your mission for us Moms! Therese Andjeski / 216 598-3136

  2. Hi Tamara! THANK YOU for your response! Unfortunately I cannot find your message box and I'm curious about what video has been posted because I have not posted 1 myself:-( Sincerely, Tahlya

  3. Hello Ladies!

    What a great idea of Mom's helping Mom's!

    I have a company that I have been trying to get off the ground for a few years! The only thing holding me back is funding. I am patent pending, have the website created, have the toll free number and have the right company to program the Get Home Smart Card, everything is in place.

    I created the Get Home Smart Card just before my son turned 21, as any Mom, I was worried about him drinking and driving, so I thought why isn't there a card that I can give him that is ONLY for Taxi Rides? So that is how the Get Home Smart Card was created. The Get Home Smart Card is a Taxi Gift Card that is reloadable. We have a toll free number that will connect the caller to the nearest Taxi Member. It will be offered in card form and as an application.
    The Get Home Smart Card is for:
    -Teens - Give Teens the power to get out of an uncomfortable situation and arrive home alive!
    -College Students - A Smart Way To Get Around Campus
    -Young Adults - A Smart Option To Driving Impaired Or With An Impaired Driver
    -Adults - Smart Alternative To Driving After A Night On The Town
    -Seniors - Independence For Seniors Who No Longer Drive
    -Business - Simplifies Business Travel by eliminating Taxi Receipts.
    -Travel - Convenient For Travel Needs

    Please take a look at the website and see everything that the Get Home Smart Card is trying to accomplish. Together with my sister Geralyn and my cousin Karen, we have developed, created and we all would love to see this company launched to help all of us who are single Mom's and all basically unemployed working side jobs just to try to survive. Together we have put a lot of time and passion into this project.

    Please let me know what your panel thinks of our project and if you can help us with the final step in getting this Safety Minded company up and running!


    Rosette Marturana

  4. Mom Invented is such an amazing company and I am thrilled to be a part of this! Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity Tamara and for continually finding ways to help women achieve their dreams!

    Ruby Vasquez

  5. HI TAMARA!!! Last time I spoke with you was over a year ago asking you advice about my idea for a new potty training product. Since then I have producedthe product and made its own website. I'm wondering if there is any way your panel can review "My Potty Pictures". I look forward to hearing from you! Sincerely, Tahlya D'Urso

    • Tahlya,

      Congratulations on your progress!!!

      Please see the new message box that I added to the bottom of the Mom Product Review Panel post.

      I'm looking forward to hearing more about your progress. Your video is adorable!

      Warmest wishes,


  6. Flattered, humbled and honored to be part of this wonderful group! Thanks for the opportunity to be among such an impressive group of moms!:-)


  7. How can I get my product reviewed?
    It is a sleeping bag for kids that folds into a shoulder bag, and also turns into a mat sleep mat with a pillow. It is patented.

    • Hi Zelma,

      Thank you for your message. Your product sounds amazing!

      Please see the new message box that I added to the bottom of the Mom Product Review Panel post.

      Keep us posted on your progress.

      Warmest wishes,


  8. Tamara,
    I am so honored to be a Mom Ambassador and be a part of this prestigious group! Moms across America are going to love what comes out of the Mom Invented Approved program!

    I'm raring to go!

    Annette d. Giacomazzi
    Founder and Owner

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