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Call for New Product Submissions: Help Us Help Schools with Mom Invented Products!

What if you could sell your fabulous products and raise money for our schools at the same time? We are looking for RETAIL-READY products to include in our new program that supports schools.

The new program, just launched, is called Moms Helping Schools-- a program that is dear to my heart. With two elementary school age daughters of my own, I see first-hand how our schools are struggling and how a difficult economy and budget cuts are directly impacting our teachers, administrators and most importantly our children.

And, at the same time, I wanted to continue my life's work of helping women, like you, achieve your goals by building thriving businesses so that you can contribute to your families, create flexible work schedules, and design a life that you love.

Moms Helping Schools is a great way to provide a new revenue stream for schools nationwide. Schools sign up at no cost and invite their students' families to shop at Moms Helping Schools, and 40% of their product purchases go directly to the school or education foundation. These are fun, practical products that will be shipped directly to the customer's home -- no more volunteer hours spent sorting through products in school hallways.

How does it work?
Most of us are accustomed to shopping at retail stores or online for products. Retailers typically mark up the wholesale cost by as much as 30%-50%. Retailers spend a portion of that money on marketing. By eliminating the retailer and relying on the school or organization to help market the products, Moms Helping Schools can give 40% back to the school and build a sustainable model that can help schools nationwide.

What does this mean for YOU?
I am inviting you to participate in the Moms Helping Schools program. We are looking for retail-ready products -- which means you are already selling the items to customers either on-line, in catalogs or in retail stores.  We are searching for products in all categories:  Must-Have Gadgets, Gifts, Fashion, Health, Kids, Teens, Green, Kitchen, Bath, and Organization. If you would like to be considered, please fill out the application below.

I also want to introduce you to my dear friend, and Moms Helping Schools partner, Kathryn Rose. She is a mom of one son (and a dog), social media strategist, trainer and author of 6 books on Social Media Marketing and Internet Privacy, including the Parent’s Guide to Facebook and Staying Safe on Facebook: A Guide for Teens. She will be leading our sales and marketing efforts.

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  1. Hi Tamara,

    Would be delighted to be a part of this program! As a past-president of our middle-school's PTA, it is encouraging to see outside sources willing and able to help schools. With on-going budget cuts and impacted schools across the nation, programs like Moms Helping Schools is a brilliant idea to assist schools right in our own communities.

    Keep up the great work!

    Best Wishes,
    Sandy Clark
    San Diego Bebe Nursing Pillow

  2. I love this program. With two children in elementary school, I see how badly the schools need funding. Great way to give schools products that are created by moms that know what their children need.

    Linda Rogers
    Kipsy Toys

  3. Hello Tamara,

    I am the inventor of the Tibbe-Line, a device used to air dry laundry faster, easier while saving time, money, energy and space. The Tibbe-Line can be used on any existing clothesline and can also be made into a portable clothesline and can be used indoors/outdoors and can be taken with you (camping, traveling, college, etc.) 21 articles of clothing can be hung in the space of 39" and hangers are used instead of clothespins. The Tibbe-Line is multi-functional in that it can also be used to transport clothing in a vehicle, as a space saver in the closet and for people in wheelchairs, giving them access to their clothes without help from anyone. Please go to and I tried uploading my photo, but I don't know if you received it or not.

    Kind regards,
    Rose Marie Pacheco

  4. I had some trouble with my photo as well. Please review on my website. I too would like to thank you for this opportunity to do something great, aside from getting product out there! I have 3 grade school boys and it breaks my heart when I see all the schools are lacking! I'd love to have a product associated with a great cause! Thanks, Amy

  5. I just tried to submit my product but when I was uploading my picture it would not take. What can I do?

    Thank you,

    Cindy Sawyer

  6. Dear Mom Inventors,

    As an educator, I have created a patented reading solution for struggling readers (challenged with AD/HD, dyslexia, autism spectrum disorders, stroke recovery, low vision, TBI, or other issues.) The tool is called the Reading Focus Card (U.S. Patent 7,565,759) and is made right here in the U.S.A. What better fit for your Moms Helping Schools Program than this!

    We are online and have sold these tools to parents, teachers, schools, and other organizations. Please visit www, to learn more.

    It would be our privilege to be apart of your program! Thanks in advance for the opportunity here!

    All the best,

    Joan Brennan,
    Brennan Innovators, LLC
    Creator of the Reading Focus Cards, Solutions for Struggling Readers
    St. Louis, MO

  7. Hi Tamara and Kathryn,

    What a great idea and we are really looking forward to submitting our application(s). My much older twin sister and I both work at schools and each have a daughter who is a teacher. Schools are near and dear to our hearts.

    We have more than one fun, funky and functional product that would fit in perfectly with Mom's helping Schools and we are so excited to have you see our products.

    Should we submit one application for each product or just put them all in one application?

    Talk to you soon and thank you!

    Carol Amos
    Twin Cottage Industries

  8. Thank you for this opportunity to do something great, aside from getting product out there! I have 2 grade school girls and it breaks my heart when I see all the schools are lacking! I'd love to have a product associated with a great cause! Thanks, kg

  9. Love this program! Please have Kathryn contact us regarding promoting this program via our website also!

  10. Hi Tamara,

    I would like to be part of the Moms helping schools program. You have my photo on your website.

    Let me know if you need anything else.

    Thanks so much!

    Bev Barad
    Enliva Products


  1. Thank you for the Incredible Response to the Moms Helping Schools program! | Mom Invented
  2. Thank you for the Incredible Response to the Moms Helping Schools program! | Mom Invented

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