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Military Mom/Teacher Who is Making A Difference in the Classroom

When I heard what Terry Dougherty was working on I stopped what I was doing to listen. She is a military spouse of thirty years and a third grade school teacher in Galloway, NJ.  She offers a free military child tutoring program for her students. Many arrive at her school district below grade level or just worn out from so many transfers. She could relate since her own children went through the same experience. One thing that struck me when I watched her VIDEO was the comment that "military children are making sacrifices for our country too."

Terry shares, "The children inspire me everyday and I want to continue working with them and their families."

"Recently, I was nominated by my local Rotary in the nationwide teacher contest: The Great American Teach Off. I was shocked to find that I am one of the eight finalists for my work with military children and was voted through to round 2 this week. The winning teacher receives a $10,000 classroom grant. My goal is to create a mobile technology lab for the children to communicate with their deployed parents. And, it will also address Science and Math technology as well as literacy skills."

I know there are many deserving and heroic teachers.

If you are inspired by Terry, as I am, you can vote by clicking HERE.
Voting goes until October 30

People can vote Terry Dougherty once a day.
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    Thank you all so much for your support and keep voting!

    You also can connect to Facebook at the website, wait for the black screen to disappear and then vote! It will say "Thank you for voting come back tomorrow."

  2. Thank you so much for the support! It means so much to the children and I! They wait anxiously everyday to hear of any new developments. They also make artwork at home to display around the school to support us!
    I have had military children that are now young adults tell me how much they appreciate that people are understanding a little more about how they grew up. I hope my passion for helping these children spreads across the country. My tutoring program is called Free Tutoring for Military Children-They are Heroes Too! That says it all! Thank you so much!!

  3. I am inspired by this story Tamara! Thank you for posting it. I want to send her a class set of KleenSlate dry erase paddles (also invented by a teacher). Is there a way to contact her?

    • Julia thank you so much! I've tried emailing you several times to thank you for the KLEENSLATES! The children love them. The email address though isn't going through. Could you please let me know how I can reach you?


  4. Tamara, Thank you so much for supporting my Sister Terry and her cause to help our children of military families.

    You have no idea how much this means to all of us to your support!!

    Once again thank you so much!!

    Karen Bowe Lilley

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