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At What Retail Price Does Your Product Have to Sell in order to be Financially Viable for YOU?

Have you struggled with calculating your product's wholesale and retail pricing?  Do you know what your profit margins are?  If not, don't worry. You can learn how in 12 minutes!

There are key questions that you need to ask yourself when bringing a product to market:

"How do I set the wholesale price of my product?"
"How do I price my item for a retailer?
"How do I price my item if I add a distributor?"

And, after everyone gets a piece of the pie, "Will consumers buy my item at the price point I've selected?"

These are good questions! In fact, these questions may be the most important questions you can ask because the last thing you want is for everyone else to make money from your product except for you. That is a surefire way to go out of business.

To help you, I've created a simple 12-Minute Audio Tutorial teaching you how to use a simple margin calculator. Don't panic when you hear the words "margin calculator." No math or accounting knowledge required.  This audio is intended for non-business people. After 12-minutes you will have a better understanding of how product pricing works and how to choose the best price point for your item.

I am giving you this 12-Minute Audio Tutorial for FREE. Why? Because I know you need it.

If you find this audio tutorial helpful and you want to create your own spreadsheet to do the calculations, you are welcome to do so.

If you would like to purchase the Mom Invented® Margin Calculator -- the actual tool shown in the 12-Minute Audio Tutorial, it is available for only $19.99. This simple tool allows you to plug in your own price points, exactly as I did in the tutorial, and empowers you to make the numbers work for your business!

NOTE:  You may need JAVA on your computer to watch the video tutorial. You can download it for free here:  JAVA

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  1. Hi. I just placed an order. :) Will you be emailing the attachment? Thank you for your insight.

  2. Diane,

    I'm so glad it helped you!

    Warmest wishes,


  3. This tool could not have come at a better time! I'm doing my 'bottom' up planning and budgeting for the year and this will be extremely helpful. Thank you!

    Diane, Inventor of Pink Pockets, patient pockets for drains after surgery

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