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The Media Loves our Moms! See Who’s in the Spotlight Now…

Our Moms are in the Spotlight!

Here's a quick look at their stories and awesome products! Each has received amazing media coverage but I wanted to highlight their most recent & upcoming BIG hits!

When Jill Boehler’s husband took out his compact reading glasses while they were dining in a overly air conditioned restaurant one summer evening, she couldn’t help wishing there was a little wrap in that case that she could put over her shoulders. At that moment the concept of the Chilly Jilly was born.   This unique crease- free wrap has become a huge hit with women everywhere.  Made with a special microfiber to keep you warm, each Chilly Jilly comes with its own compact drawstring bag, which fits conveniently in a purse for easy access! From basic black to boldly colored patterns, it’s so versatile, you can use it as a shawl for most any occasion as well as a  sarong at the beach.
MEDIA HIGHLIGHTS: Chilly Jilly ( was just featured in Woman’s World (circ: 8,847,000) Sept. 27th issue. Scheduled for Today Show October 2nd!

Debbie Klatt and Gia Yee-Lozicki, are the brains behind the clever invention, Shoe Angels, which protects your heels from wear and tear while driving. After being tired of investing money in repairing their favorite heels from damage caused by the mat of their car rubbing against the back of their heels, Debbie and Gia came up with this genius solution! Shoe Angels are clear adhesive strips that can be applied to the back and bottom of your heels before you begin driving, to prevent any damage. Once you arrive at your destination you simply peel off the Shoe Angels and place them back in their designer case to be used again. MEDIA HIGHLIGHTS: Shoe Angels ( will be appearing on the Today Show on October 4th.

DiaperBuds™ was developed by LeeAnn Piazzola and her two sisters, all working moms, with nine kids between them. Their need for a diaper product that was both compact and hygienic inspired the creation of the product.  Vacuum sealed, each DiaperBud is individually wrapped and fits perfectly in a purse or diaper bag. Super soft and absorbent just like a regular diaper, it blossoms into a full size disposable diaper when it’s ready to be used.   Perfect for all of the family’s on-the-go activities.  MEDIA HIGHLIGHTS: DiaperBuds ( is appearing in the December/January issue of Parenting Magazine The Early Years (circ: 1.6 million).

Vera Pascal is the inventor of Doodle Wheel - the first customizable reflective hubcap for baby strollers. Inspiration for the Doodle Wheel came with the birth of Vera's son Alexander. Vera always loved to doodle and sketched the current signature Doodle Wheel designs. Fun and functional, this unique new product makes your baby's ride safer and more visible to motorists. Choose from dozens of stylish and fun designs to set your stroller apart. MEDIA HIGHLIGHTS: Doodle Wheel ( recently appeared in Newsday & USA Today magazines.

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  1. I am very proud of all the mothers that are inventors, I also have a some products I would like to invent. I am so happy to get in contact with this company, great job!!!!!!

  2. What great ideas! Love the Chilly Jilly!! And they have gloves, too!


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