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Welcome to Mom Invented. I'm thrilled that you are here! Now that the kids are back in school (phew!) many of us have more time to brainstorm about our businesses. In fact, this is a great time to allow yourself some creative freedom to explore new possibilities before diving straight into action. Action without a plan wastes time! And many of us are looking for ways to earn money to contribute to our family income which means that there is no time to waste.

Therefore, I invite you to explore different programs at Mom Invented that are designed to offer information, training and inspiration.

People often ask me what steps they should take first. I know that the words "business planning" often fail to conjure feelings of excitement and our reasons why we can't plan rapidly come to mind (don't know how, don't know the numbers, don't have time), yet deep down we all know that we really "should" plan.  How about rephrasing it to say, "I am going to design a business that I LOVE."

The One Page Business Plan for Women in Business workbook is the fastest way to design your business. There are plenty of examples in the book of other women (many without business backgrounds) that are leading the way. You will be inspired to join them. In addition there is a fabulous CD included in the workbook that offers budget templates. In other words, you plug in the numbers for your business and it automatically generates your budget. As you engage others to support your business, they will be impressed that you have a budget and plan that clearly articulates how you are powerfully designing and building a successful business. (Note: The price of this workbook is higher because of the valuable CD. Many of us spend money on our kids, families and friends and often we find it hard to spend money on ourselves. Isn't your business worth the investment?)

In addition to business planning, there is so much more to do here at Mom Invented.  If you are ready to get your product or service into the Media Spotlight, join our affordable PR Program and get ready for dramatic results; sign up for our one-on-one Media Training and perform your personal best; and get honest feedback about your product with our Product Evaluation Program. Get involved in our free Mom Community. You will be amazed by how generous your fellow mom entrepreneurs are -- sharing resources and information -- so that each one of us will succeed!

If you are looking for direction and tools to regain control and be your own boss, check out my new book, Your Million Dollar Dream: Regain Control & Be Your Own Boss.

"Your Million Dollar Dream really is the definitive start-up guide for this day and age. Tamara Monosoff has covered EVERYTHING and created the ultimate small business reference book.... and as with Monosoff's other titles, I just love the real life anecdotes, making YMDD such an entertaining (as well as informative) read. Huge Congrats to Monosoff and the Mom Invented team- this book will be referred to in many different circles (not just Mums) for the next decade I'm sure. "  Edwina D.

If you have a product that you are developing, The Mom Inventors Handbook: How to Turn Your Great Idea into the Next Big Thing will walk you through the steps to help you get started bringing your great idea to market.

If you are ready to sell your product in today's intensely competitive retail environment, read my friend Karen Waksman's book, How to Sell Your Product, Invention or Craft to Major Retailers...No Sales Experience or Existing Buyer Relationships Required. You can view her insightful video to learn more. She is offering our community a special discount. Make sure to include the promotional code: MomInvented to receive $50.00 off.

If you have a friend, family or group that would benefit from participating in the free Mom Invented community, please forward this newsletter and invite them to JOIN US.  Tell them to sign up for our free newsletter to hear about upcoming product searches and exciting announcements.

As always, I want to hear from you on Mom Invented, Twitter and the Mom Invented Facebook Fan Page. Please join me in whatever way works best for you. Thank you for being a part of this vibrant community.

Warmest wishes,


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  1. Hello Moms,

    I am a new mom with new ideas!! I started building my business shortly after I switched from breastfeeding to bottlefeeding my boy. Nurse Me Tender is an aid, for nursing and non-nursing parents. I am so passionate about helping people. Follow my progress on Twitter @NurseMeTender as we get closer and closer to launch date.

  2. Hi Shaista,

    I'm happy to respond but I'm not seeing your question here. Was it posted elsewhere on the site? If you don't mind, please respond here and I'll do my best to answer your question.

    Warmest regards,


  3. i am waiting for response

  4. Hi Robin,

    Thanks for your post! It sounds like you've had a wonderful adventure. Here's the link for you to share your story:

    Warmest wishes,


    • Hi Tamara. Im hoping you see this ...
      I was just looking at the your evaluation product program. In the non disclosure form in the 11th line it says.... 11. The term of this agreement shall be 12 months from the date of execution. Can you explain that please. Im a lil confused. Cause Im understanding it as, after 12 months my idea can be taken or used by anyone who was involved with my product review. That cant be right. I would love to get my product evaluated! Thanks so much Ann A Also I found the company Protosew in your book. Any recent feedback good or bad on this company.

  5. I started my own business several years ago...with a dream and a passion! From an idea emerged a thriving business.
    Having no background in product design, I started with a product idea that blossomed into almost 50 products....and now I'm designing products for Crate and Barrel.
    Would love to share my story with other women as I believe it could inspire others to follow their passion and go for it!
    Please contact me if you are interested.

    • I would love to hear about how you got started. It is always interesting to me to find people that have been successful in pursuing and accomplishing their dreams. I have wanted to start a small home based business for a long time but I am working a 14 hr. day now so there is little time "left over" To get things done at home. I make candy and do gift baskets.

      Mary Jo

    • I would love to hear your story on how you've become successful with your business. I too have some ideas written down, but I feel scattered with all that needs to be done.

      • Sorry, that was directed toward Robin Cohen. I would also love to hear from anyone who would like to share their stories as well.
        Thank you,

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