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Maternity, Baby and Toddler Expo

I am excited to tell you about our new partnership with Jenn Kampmeier, founder of Bebe Paluzza.

This year Bebe Paluzza is holding consumer tradeshows for expecting moms, parents and grandparents looking for new products in five American cities with high birthrates. I am happy to share this with you because, as I wrote in my first book, I believe one of the best ways for new product companies to launch and grow their businesses is through consumer tradeshows. The advantage of attending a show like this is that you get invaluable customer feedback, industry contacts and a great profit margin on each sale.

If you have a new or early stage product in the juvenile market, I encourage you to consider attending. This is an affordable way to get your product out there.

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  2. Hi,

    I am at the beginning stages of developing a product. Your book is guiding me along! I was wondering when you will be having these trade shows and where. I am in Dallas. Just trying to get a timeline going.

    Krista Hernandez

  3. We meet many new inventors and young mom type entrepreneurs at baby related trade shows. It is a terrific way to get new products out there into the market. Lots of retailers are always looking for new products to add to their inventory. If you can make it to a convention in the near future you won't regret it.

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