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Mom Invented® Holiday Gift Guide


Over the years, we’ve featured many amazing mom inventors and some of them have created great gift items for your children, family and friends. Here we’re highlighting some of our favorites so you can consciously support mom inventors and entrepreneurs this holiday season.

For Family

hello world clothingHello World Clothing Company Sleepers
These stylish and practical kids' sleepers unzip at both the top and bottom to make nighttime diaper changes easier for parents. A great gift for young kids and their parents.
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howfasttheygrowHow Fast Time Flies scrapbooks
A perfect gift for grandparents and other family, How Fast Time Flies (formerly How Fast They Grow) lets you create beautiful scrapbooks of your photos. With this great tool, sending out a family photo album could become a yearly tradition.

shadewagonThe Shade Wagon
For families that love the outdoors, The Shade Wagon includes a cooler, seating area, table, umbrella and much more to make camping, soccer games, beach days and other outdoor activities more manageable for families.

For Friends

cardcubbyCard Cubby
This great little organizational product that comes in many colors and styles is perfect for helping keep track of gift cards, coupons, business cards and more, and fits easily in a purse, briefcase or glove compartment.

chesapeakecandleChesapeake Bay Candles
These beautiful and elegant candles with sophisticated fragrances are perfect to have on hand for hostess gifts and gift exchanges.

frameofmindFrame of Mind cards
These inspirational cards and frames provide motivation and help foster positive thoughts.

grillcharmsGrill Charms
The perfect gift for families that like to barbecue, Grill Charms help you identify your different cuts of meat based on how they’ve been cooked or how spicy they are.

A great gift for a frequent traveler, the LuggageSpotter fits over the handle of a bag to provide extra cushioning and style. You can find LuggageSpotters with a wide range of sports logos and other fun designs.

Help jump-start the conversation at any party with these sets of interesting and thought-provoking questions that come in an attractive and modern cube.

For Kids

Ignite your kids’ imagination and encourage them to play more creatively with this fun and innovative fort-building product that can be configured in countless ways.

griddlygamesGriddly Games
These fun sports and trivia games were created by two Canadian mom entrepreneurs with more than 30 years of experience working with children.

This award-winning kids' product is a themed, washable backsack that children can color in over and over again. It’s eco-friendly, too -- the fabric is made from recycled cotton and soda bottles.

These fun games encourage social interaction, sharing and fun, with kids tossing the cube to each other and answering different thought-provoking and sometimes silly questions.

For Teens

blossomBlossom bath and beauty products
These tween-oriented bath and beauty products were developed by a mom entrepreneur and her five girls. Each girl’s personality, from tomboy to spa princess, has its own product line.

These funky spandex shorts are great for active teens with a sense of style. They come in many colors and prints.

tarteTarte Cosmetics
Any girl would love these pretty cosmetics created by mom entrepreneur Maureen Kelly. They’re good for your skin and come in beautiful and trendy packages.

For Mom Invented®

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