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Happy Thanksgiving from Mom Invented

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday as it invites the most important kind of contemplation. This past week I found myself thinking a lot about my mother who was in the hospital with a knee injury, my precious children, my husband, my father, my siblings, and the wonderful people I work with at Mom Invented® to make the website possible for each of you. I am also grateful that YOU are a part of the Mom Invented community -- supporting and learning about the businesses launched by our members is a joy and inspiration for me.

About a year ago, I took a class that I found to be helpful in pushing past obstacles.  Just yesterday as I was cleaning off my desk, I came across my notes and thought I’d share something that really helped me reflect and find new paths I hadn't thought of before.

First, ask yourself the question, "In what areas of my life do I feel stopped?" What is the complaint? The hardest thing to hear now is, "Be responsible for your complaint." The complaint is not the truth. Invent a new possibility.

Situations in your life may appear to be black and white, but they are not. That is how you are seeing them and locking them in as the "truth." In fact, things are not black and white… rather green, blue and purple exist as possibilities, too -- we’re just not seeing them.

Go beyond what is immediately obvious.  Within a black and white context, we become stuck…nothing is possible. However, if we open ourselves up and realize that other possibilities exist that we haven’t allowed ourselves to see, then we can invent a new possibility and gain mastery over the direction we choose to take our lives.

I have had to read this over and over again to really "hear" the message. I have found it to be a useful exercise.

There is much to feel grateful for and each of us will have our own reflections.  I also know that many of us are struggling with so much more as well.

If you have felt stuck, please share any green, blue and purple possibilities that you've come up with after reflection. I would also love to hear about what everyone else is grateful for. Please share in the comments...

Because of the holiday, we won't be posting a featured mom this week, but we'll be back on our regular schedule next week. See you then!

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  1. I am grateful for my family and friends, for my wonderful clients and that I live in a country where I can choose a career that I really love. Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. I am so grateful for my family, my four children and wonderful husband. I am also grateful for sites such as Mom Invented, who encourage and support mothers to pursue their dreams. I have been a stay at home mom for 17 years and I just recently started my own business. It's very slow going, being a mom is still my number one priority, but I have faith that I'll get there. To me, it's not just about the reaching the destination, but enjoying the journey along the way. We moms do need to stick together and support each other, and never give up! Find your color possibility, and if you can't, then mix a couple of shades and create your own!

  3. I am really grateful for my son to be still living at home without him to fuss over my life would not be worth it, I struggle and struggle every day but do not seem to get anywhere.


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