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tamara monosoffWe are privileged to have some great companies sponsoring our website. You have asked me for recommendations for product and prototype developers, patent attorneys, and assistance with licensing your products as well as manufacturing services. I’m delighted to share the following companies that address the needs of inventors; The Neon Group, Harshaw Research, Lambert & Lambert and Simple Patents.

Jack Panzarella of The Neon Group

The Neon Group is an offshore contract manufacturer and sourcing company. Other services they offer are business coaching and product launch and placement assistance, but they do much more depending on the circumstances, including investing, licensing and purchasing ideas outright -- all with a proven track record. They are an authorized vendor for: Sears, Kmart, Target, Toys R Us, Dicks Sporting Goods,, and many other regional retailers.

Isaac Wiley of Harshaw Research

Harshaw Research group is a product development firm that understands the entire product development process. They have mechanical engineers on staff and specialize in building prototypes. Get a free initial telephone consultation in August and September if you mention you were referred by Tamara.

Trevor Lambert of Lambert & Lambert

Lambert & Lambert (L&L) is an international license agency that represents independent inventors and product developers with innovative inventions and technologies. As one of the premier license agencies, L&L's goal is to commercialize their client’s products by placing them with a manufacturer who is well positioned to sell the product in large quantities. With products currently selling in stores such as Walmart, Target, Toys R Us, and many more, L&L has a proven track record of success.

Lambert & Lambert is unique in that they represent inventions on a contingency fee (or commission) basis. This means that L&L is paid as a percentage of what they get the client -- only if they are successful at licensing their invention.

Lambert & Lambert is also a proud member of the Better Business Bureau, the MN Inventors Congress, Professional Member of the United Inventors Association, Licensing Executives Society and has been recognized by the National Inventor Fraud Center as "Official Good Guys."

Pat Walsh of Simple Patents

Simple Patents connects inventors and entrepreneurs with high-quality, cost-effective patent and trademark services.

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  1. Hi i have a great idea but no money can you help me

  2. i need a sponser for my new invention .. free energy system .. engine that needs no fuel

  3. I need someone to sponsor my worldwide multimillion idea... Nothing heard off before that will benefit people around the world. including the government. Please if you read this contact me tru mom invented.

    Most sincerely,

  4. Hineveryone. As a cna a became with an idea to help disable people. I got a great product in mind but i dont know how to start everything. If somebody can help me, please contact me at .Thank you.

    • Hi there- Try Lambert and Lambert

      The cost is $200, but they will do the research on your idea and if they think they can market it, they will manufacture it and sell it for you. You will collect a royalty.

      I had an idea and sent in my idea on their form, but unfortunately, there was something else out there like it. I'm out $200 but it's worth it not going forward and spending a lot more.

      Good luck dawn

  5. Hello! I have thought of a great inventions to ease parents minds about their children, but I do not have money or investors to get my idea started! If there is anyone willing to help me out I would greatly appreciate it! I believe this invention would be a great asset to any parent and child!

  6. hello,
    I too need help with an invention that i believe will help young mothers with babys, its economical, and it is better for the invironment,, its concerning diapers. i am disabled, iam 47 getting ready to be a first time grandmother, and talking with my daughter in law, and some of her friends that are new mothers there is a interest, i just don't have money, and don't now where to go with this. and so far every one i have asked for help wants money, desperately seeking help. thanks

  7. Hi. I have an invention that has to do with babies and I desperately need investors so that I can move forward with the process. I currently have a book of stats and information on how this product will be helpful in people's everyday lives. All of the information and statistics point toward a positive outcome but I am having trouble funding the start-up of this project. The person who invests will recieve a percentage of my earnings if the product is successful. If anyone is interested or knows how I can get help, please let me know. Thank you!

  8. I am looking for someone to sponsor my invention. It is geared towards kid with special needs (in particular autism).

  9. Thankyou so much for this variable infomation. I'm a young woman who has an invention/idea I know will help women all over the world. I truly beleive is this simple but effective product. I'm so loss as where to began, but with no funds it's even harder. I'm looking for an sponsor that will help make my dreams come true. Thankyou...

  10. I am looking for sponors, investors to help me with 2 GREAT BIG MONEY MAKING!!! invention ideas i cam up with.

  11. Hi, I received you respond on my invention, I am interested in getting my invention underway because I believe it will benefit others. as soon as I raise the 199.00 I will send it . thanks Julie

  12. i need someone to sponsor my invention

  13. Im looking for a sponsor that would like to advertise and help construct a good invention idea that i have in mind. please email me back at this email . Thanks.

  14. I'm searching for someone to sponsor my inventions.

  15. Wow...thank you so much for sharing this! This is the area in which I am seeking help. Bless You Tamara!

  16. Thanks for this info, Tamara!! It's so nice to have someone like you to take the stress out of trying to find reputable people/groups to work with.

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