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New Opportunity: Get Your Story in the Spotlight

press-magazinesPR is one of the most cost effective ways to market your business and build your brand. Media coverage has been essential in my success, and over the years many people have come to me asking about publicity -- or ask how can I get my product and my story in the spotlight?

Today, Mom Inventors Inc., is absolutely thrilled to announce a brand new public relations program.

We've teamed up with Ann Noder, CEO of Pitch Public Relations, to offer exciting and affordable PR services just for moms in our community!

Ann is an incredible publicist and she's been responsible for generating amazing media results for me and Mom Inventors, Inc. over the years.

Now, we are offering a special opportunity for you to get terrific media coverage -- starting as early as June 15th!

I encourage you to fill out the inquiry form, email or call 480-263-1557 if you're interested in this service. We'll be back in touch to let you know more details about how it works.

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  1. Just sent in an inquiry:-) PR is the best, so I'd love to see what they can come up with.


  2. Kelly,

    This is thrilling news. Thank you so much for sharing your experience with Pitch PR with us!

    Keep us posted!!

    Warmest wishes,


  3. I'm Kelly from and wanted to share my terrific experience with Pitch PR. We sold our first Sniffle Buddies on April 1st of 2009 and started a PR campaign with Pitch that following September. Before Pitch started their work, we had been featured in only one online news article and as of today I can't count the press hits. If you're interested in seeing what kind of results they can manage for a product that came to them as an unknown, check out our News & Events page at . Thanks Pitch & thanks Tamara for the lead from your website...and all the great info in your books! The adventure continues..... :)

  4. I am the creator of A line of magnetic visual schedules for typical toddlers and special needs children. I have no idea how to approach PR and my time is so thin these days trying to be a mom too. Please help!

  5. I opened an online store, GIFTS California-Style, ( that specializes in hip, unique, California-styel gifts. The majority of the items are made and/or designed in California.

    I'm new to PR, so any help would be much appreciated!

    Owner, GIFTS California-Style

  6. I am going to look into the PR opportunity. I would love PR as I found a great write up is so much more valuable than any ad. We were featured on a local new channel as a producer personally loved our product and it was incredible. We manufacture a few other products in addition to the smartsole anti-cellulite insole. Our site is and I have set up the code jm10 to give off 10% from anybody that hears of our prodcuts

  7. I am the inventor of an insole that increases your circulation and helps you to burn more calories with every step!

  8. 50+SPF Sunny Sleevez, Slip on in the Sun and slide off when you're done!

    End the Sun Screen battles with these cool designs that kids actually love to put on!

    Instant consistent, chemical-free, coverage that will never wear off

    We Just Launched TODAY!!!

  9. I am the creator of the SHANNYBANZ headbands for girls--and women--that is adjustable, non slip, machine washable with no plasic or elastic---and NO PAIN!! I am working on a web site, but have a new BLOG-- you will be seeing more soon!!! Gotta love all these Moms---we think of everything, right?

  10. One of the most challenging aspects of a new business is building awareness and exposure, so I look forward to learn more about the PR opportunity with Ann Noder.

  11. I am the inventor of the Tibbe-Line, an accessory used to airdry laundry. It can also be used to transport clothing in a vehicle, as a space saver in a closet and allows people in wheelchairs access to their clothes in the closet. 719-544-7673


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